FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the film production process normally look like?

- It depends! In general, we start with ideas and goals. What will the video or videos communicate? What is the purpose of the video and what will it generate? Is it for a brand campaign where you want your customers to feel something specific or do you wish to sell a product or service in the most effective way? When we've got the "why" settled out, we'll move on to concept/story, location scouting, make a complete list of what we need and plan the production day(s) thoroughly with equipment and people involved. For some projects, this process is a quick one and for others, it means significant work. Once all the filming is complete and we have the raw material, we'll proceed to editing, color grading, sound and packaging/delivery.

My focus is always on customer service; that you as a client should feel confident and included throughout the whole filmmaking process whether short or extensive.

What is the overall cost of a video production?

- The cost of a video production varies significantly and mainly, the level of ambition is the deciding factor. Some projects are as easy as talking things over and start shooting, while others involve lots of pre-production, more team/parties included, more extensive lighting solutions and multiple steps of post production. For more simple solo shoots, the overall cost usually is $2500 - $3200 (excl VAT), depending on the amount of camera & lighting gear brought to set. For commercial projects, I usually work with budgets from $5K - $12K (excl VAT).

As much as possible, I try to work with fixed quotes but always reach out with requests and a job description and we'll start there!

I need new visual content for my website and my social channels, but I'm not sure where to start and how to communicate best with my target audience!

- No worries, not everyone holds these insights in-house or a communications agency to help out. By first setting up a meeting, we'll answer the most important questions and can then proceed to help you implement a strategy. That can include advice on how you can best use your new content as part of your marketing plan.

What camera equipment do you normally use?

- My in-house equipment includes a Sony FX6 full-frame cinema camera, Zeiss Otus premium optics, DJI Inspire 2 RAW cinema camera drone, stills cameras and a range of reliable lighting and audio gear for different use cases. For larger shoots, I work with rental companies to assemble a full production in line with our agreed budget.

How long until my content is delivered to me?

- For small projects, I can usually deliver a first draft within 3 working days. In some cases, extra quick turnovers are required and I always try to find the best compromise between quality and efficiency. For larger projects, the delivery time for the first draft can range from a couple of weeks to several months.

Are you always working solo?

- Not at all! The scale of the production is always adapted to your needs and your budget. I'll happily work flexibly as a "one man band" and I am comfortable directing, photographing and handling all the tech - but most often a small team is required especially on commercial sets. I will happily produce the film and can handle planning, budgeting and hand-picking a crew - saving you both time and resources.

In case of poor weather or unexpected circumstances, what are your terms for late cancel?

- In terms of late cancel, the bill will be 50% within 24 hours from the start time of shooting. For cancels on the same day (applies to 06.00 and forward), a full 100% of the agreed day rate applies.

What restrictions / rules apply for drone flights and what are your guarantees as an operator?

- I am a registred drone operator at Transportstyrelsen (Swedish authority) and holds a European EASA-certificate for drone category A1/A3 as well as A2. This, in combination with 5+ years of working flight experience, high technical know-how and regular equipment checks mean a low risk for you and your surroundings during flight. All missions are carried out according to current laws and local restrictions, with respect for nature reserves and - for flights in other than uncontrolled air space - of course with a permit from the local airport / air traffic control. If the imagery contains so called "geographical information", an application followed by a written permit from Lantmäteriet is needed prior to delivery which I will take care of (applies to Swedish flights). Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Are you flying drones indoors?

- Indoor flights occur only under certain and controlled circumstances. Contact me for more information.

What limitations apply for drone flights and what if something goes wrong during the flight?

- A risk assessment is always done prior to flying. In case something unexpected happens during the flight that compromises the security for participants, non-participants or the gear itself, the flight will immediately be aborted. I also have insurance that covers you and your property, should an unlikely accident occur. Do take note that drone flying will NOT take place further than 800 meters from the transmitter and also not during rain, snow or winds above 12 meters / second. No exceptions are made!

I want a new website! How does the process look like?

- Firstly, we'll book a meeting where we'll talk about your needs and ideas and go through the most important points regarding the overall look, functionality, layout and content of the website. I will then proceed to make a visual scratch layout based on your information that we can look at and discuss together. Once we've agreed on the overall look and feel of the site, we'll proceed to build it in Webflow - in my opinion the most modern and intuitive builder and CMS out there.

Do you work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

- When we build a site, we will make sure it is as "Google-friendly" as possible by setting up a high quality HTML & link structure from the ground up, as well as optimizing performance, copy, images and metadata. Special attention is given to making the site user friendly on mobile screens. These factors in unison will greatly enhance your site's ability to page rank and will also lay a solid foundation for further SEO work on-page as well as off-page, when/if you decide to hire a full-time SEO partner.

Perhaps you couldn't find an answer to your question above? Don't hesitate to reach out!

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