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BSFXmedia - drönarpilot för drönarfilm & flygfoto (mobil)Drönarfoto & Drönarfilm i 8K Cinemaformat

Next-level, 8K aerial cinematography production!

Are you ready to take your drone productions to the next level?

We combine years of professional UAV-piloting skills with investments into properly badass high-end equipment. We are available for both commercial and feature film production and we stand ready to meet the highest requirements on quality, service, security and skill. We are EASA-certified and we move flexibly in 1-2 person crews all across Scandinavia.

We've worked on projects with clients like Film i Väst, Riksbyggen, Astra Zeneca, Volvo cars, BMW Driving Experience, Skoda Sweden, ATG, Husqvarna Construction and ESS Group. We've also delivered aerials for music videos from Miriam Bryant, Smash into Pieces, Dead by April and Soilwork.

Kunder & partners - drönarfilm

One drone unit. Endless possibilities.

Depending on the area, specific laws and regulations apply for drone flights. Contact us for more info!

Think you know drone shots? Think again!

Let's first be honest - expensive toys matter. We fly the DJI Inspire 3; the world's most high tech, fully integrated drone platform for high-end aerial cinematography & photography. This revolutionary drone system unlocks entirely new possibilities for directors and DP:s to use drones creatively on set.

The heart of the machine is a custom-developed full frame image sensor, delivering ProRes 422HQ or RAW video in up to 8K resolution (plus 4K/120p with no crop). The sensor delivers nuanced color, dual native ISO and almost 15 stops of dynamic range. A less nerdy translation; no matter the lighting conditions and no matter if you're getting a final delivery by us for direct use or in LOG for further post production and color grading, you can expect top quality results. The X9 sensor is fully capable of complementing a RED, Sony Venice and even Alexa LF on most high-end film sets.

Even more impressive perhaps, is how we can maneuver the drone once airborne. Imagine a virtual motion rig/dolly that can position the camera between a basically unlimited amount of waypoints in 3D space, with a range between 1 meter up to 1 kilometer. That you can repeat, over and over and over again - with centimeter level accuracy and precision.

For the first time ever, this is now possible thanks to RTK-connection and the revolutionary "Waypoint Pro" system. Just wait until you get a chance to try it on your next shoot.

Sometimes, 1 pilot/operator is sufficient to complete the mission. You as a client, director, producer or DP can then choose to operate the camera via your own dedicated set monitor/control interface or merely observe in pristine, low-latency HD quality - even with the drone positioned a kilometer away. For larger productions and more complex shots, we bring our own well-coordinated drone team, one operator maneuvering the UAV and the second working the camera/gimbal/focus independently. This way, we achieve optimal control and maximize creative potential.

Drone showreel

Click on the video to see a selection of shots from previous projects

Uptime, baby!

Time, as we all know, is money. Especially on set. And we go to great lengths not to waste your time. From technical preparations to handover, our experience and refined workflow mean you'll have as much content as possible at the end of the day. And have it delivered as quickly as possible, too.

It starts from arrival on set, where we're often able to lift off in just a few minutes. And that's with communication enabled, equipment ready and a safe landing zone established.

Our gear has about 20-28 minutes of flight time per set of batteries, depending on wind conditions and how hard we push the throttle. Try achieving that with a cine-lifter.

Hot-swap systems mean we've changed batteries and are airborne again in 30 seconds. And a robust charging solution means we can fly, charge and fly again - all day long. Even off grid, with no access to power outlets.

Smart and modern media solutions enables ultra smooth turnovers to the DIT, who can copy the SSDs using the charging cable from their phone - with no additional card reader.

We maximize uptime. So you can focus on being more creative.

Drönarteam BSFX mediaDrönarutrustning - DJI Inspire 3

A partner you can trust.

Choosing us for your next drone production means you can feel confident both before and during the shoot - even on larger, longer jobs.

Most importantly, we offer trained, registred and EASA-certified piloting/operation with 7+ years of professional flight experience. We have full insurance that covers you and your property, the equipment is tested and maintained before each mission and is never rented out. Safety is our main concern on every mission and we handle everything related to permits and planning before the flight, so you don't have to.

Mission parameters and logistics up until the mission are discussed carefully and the production/pricing is always adapted to your needs and your demands.

As the machine is so compact, we're able to move highly flexibly and cost-efficiently around destinations with our entire gear. That means we can, on relatively short notice, carry out missions anywhere in Scandinavia; from the warm coasts of the south to the cold wilderness of the north. With minimal time and budget spent on travel administration and expenses.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more info!

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Inspire 3 & Zenmuse X9

Next-gen compact cinema drone
Sensor: 35mm full frame, up to 8K/75 fps or 4K/120 fps
Video codecs: ProRes 422 HQ (RAW on request)
Stills: 45 mp DNG (comparable to Sony A7R or Canon R5)

- Flight time : 28 min/battery (max)
- Top speed: 94 km/h
- Max wind resistance: 12 m/s
- Max range from operator: 1,5 km
- Precision maneuvering via RTK

- 1-2 pilots/camera ops
- Full DL lens set (18, 24, 35, 50 mm)
- Dedicated director's/DP-monitor with optional camera control
- 8x DJI TB51 batteries
- 1 TB removable SSD media
- RTK NTRIP-connection (Sweden only)
- Insurance and permits/documentation care prior to mission

Drönare modell Mavic 3 Cine

Mavic 3 Cine

For indoors, small & crowded places (and Inspire 3 backup)
Sensor: 4/3 Hasselblad, up to 5.1K 30 fps or 4K/120 fps
Video codecs: ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422
Focal length: Fixed 24 mm wide angle
Stills: 20 mp DNG

- Flight time: 46 min/battery
- Top speed: 76 km/h
- Max wind resistance: 10 m/s

- 1 pilot/camera op
- 3x batteries
- 1 TB internal SSD media
- Insurance and permits/documentation care prior to mission

Drönare modell Mini 4 Pro

Mini 4 Pro

Ultra-compact drone för extra sensitive areas
Sensor: 1/1.3-tums CMOS, 4K 100 fps
Video codecs: H.264 / H.265 MP4
Focal length: 24 mm
Stills: 48 mp DNG

- Takeoff weight: 249 grams
- Flight time: 34 min/battery
- Top speed: 57 km/h
- Max wind resistance: 10 m/s

- 1 pilot/camera op
- 3x batteries
- Micro SD-card
- Insurance and permits/documentation (if needed)

Spread of GEO-information

Aerial photography that shows non-public areas from above can class as sensitive geographical information. To spread such imagery online, you might need authorization from a responsible party. Do note that this responsibility falls on the client. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you're uncertain.

Drönaroperatör & Drönarfotograf flyger med DJI Inspire 3

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