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Creative Film production

Video is hands down the most effective - and fun - way to communicate with your target audience! Here, the potential is at it's highest to engage with your visitors / leads across different platforms and associate your product/brand with that special feeling you wish to convey.

Whether you want to sell a product via a commercial, make ad campaigns, set up multi-camera interviews, capture a corporate event or (my personal favorite) produce a beautiful, story-driven brand video, my main focus is to always make the process feel confident, inspiring and to create maximum value for you as a client.

Let's get creative!

Things we can do with video!

  • Checkmark BSFX media
    Commercials for brand and product/services
  • Checkmark BSFX media
    Multi-camera interviews with or w.o teleprompter
  • Checkmark BSFX media
    Studio Greenscreen productions
  • Checkmark BSFX media
    Information / corporate videos with voice-overs
  • Checkmark BSFX media
    Event videos for businesses and sports
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    Vertical video ads ('Reels') for social media
  • Checkmark BSFX media
    Post production w. editing, color grading, sound & music
  • X BSFXmedia
    Boring, low-quality videos that do not engage with your audiences
Filmproduktion & reklamfilm - bakom kulisserna

Production tailored to your needs.

Our combination of experience, in-house equipment and a flexible network means we can tailor a film production according to your needs and your budget; from simple productions with quick turnovers for your Instagram feed, to more ambitious projects involving pre-production, team & lighting as well as multiple steps in the post production process - such as animation and motion graphics.

Equipment & workflow

The toys are undeniably an important factor for a film production to work as problem-free as possible and for the end product to achieve a high technical quality.

We offer a robust range of in-house camera, audio & lighting equipment and can therefore guarantee reliability and high performance no matter the size of the project.

We shoot on a top-modern Sony cinema line FX6 with a 4K full-frame sensor; a very reliable and flexible camera system that can cover all needs from event video to highly produced commercials. In combination, we mainly use my set of Zeiss Otus primes, the optics of which are absolutely first rate for both video and stills.

We also have experience shooting on most of the industry-standard systems including ARRI and RED Digital Cinema.

Post production is mainly handled in Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve & Adobe After Effects.

Filmproduktion & reklamfilm - bakom kulissernaUtrustning / varumärken filmproduktionUtrustning / varumärken filmproduktion (mobil)

Need aerial videos? We have the best toys as well as certified drone operators!

In need of certified drone operators / photographers for your next project? We work in 1-3 person drone teams and offer years of professional flight experience with Hollywood-quality exports for everything from quick aerial shots of buildings and cities to blistering car shots for big commercial production. Hire us and prepare to take your drone cinematography to new levels!

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